Medical Treatment

When you have a medical problem that needs immediate attention and treatment, you can easily become frustrated with physicians that don't listen or your act as though their limited opinion is the final word. Trust me, I have been there!

Even if you don't have the most comprehensive health coverage or the money to make people listen to you, you can still seek out the very best medical care when it really counts.

First, do the research on your condition if you have already received a diagnosis. Try to find out which are the top facilities that treat your particular problem and then find out if any of those are local.

Even if there are hospitals or other treatment facilities that specialize in your condition and they aren't top-rated, do some research and ask tons of questions. After all, it might save you tons in medical and travel expenses in the long run if you try to stick close to home.

Plus, you will end up feeling more comfortable with the treatment staff because you will be able to more easily familiarize yourself with them.

Check out the hospital which your insurance company recommends (if there is one). It is possible that they won't be able to help with your specific prognosis, but they will be able to facilitate the transfer of both you and your medical records to an unfamiliar place. But if they can help you, this will smooth out difficulties with the insurance company and the treatment hospital.

If you aren't comfortable with the facilities recommended by your insurance provider, then educate yourself and become armed with facts and statistics. Look at risk factors for surgeons that haven't performed the kind of surgery you need, and so on. Warn them about potential complications that could arise as a result of your treatment by a less-skilled physician.

Try to look into investigative research into your specific disorder, or at least something closely akin to it. Present this research to your physicians and your insurance company.

In other words, you need to take a completely active position. If your doctor does not explain something in a manner you find adequate, ask questions until you do understand.

Don't be afraid to seek second opinions. Most insurance companies cover these, but if you're having trouble, be sure to have a solid argument to back up the necessity for that next visit.

Don't take anything lying down. In the event that complications begin to arise, look up the laws on medical malpractice in your state. Doctors are not perfect, and unfortunately, medical treatment isn't either, but you need to recognize when a lawsuit may be in order. But if you are assertive and active, ideally, you will never have to stare down your physician in a courtroom.

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