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Perhaps you have seen the advertisements on your TV for a local urgent care clinic and wondered how it differed form a hospital emergency room if it differed at all. The truth, is that while there are many differences there are at the same time a good number of similarities.

A Few Differences

One difference is that hospitals are equipped to handle both emergency and non emergency medical situations. On the other hand these urgent care clinics are basically equipped to handle emergency medical situations only.

Non Life Threatening Medical Emergencies

However; it must be noted that while urgent care clinics do handle only emergencies these would be non life threatening medical emergencies that don't run the risk of complications.

An Adequate Alternative

So how well do they replace the standard hospital emergency room? The fact, is that the vast majority of hospital emergency room visits are by people who are in a non life threatening medical emergency situation.

Cost Considerations

Also, as far as costs are concerned, they for the most part cheaper to visit then a hospital emergency room. For instance, if a person were to cut their finger and the wound would require some stitches, they would be charged only for the treatment of the cut at an urgent care clinic.

No Emergency Room Visit Charge

However; at a hospital emergency room they would be charged not only for the treatment of the cut but also an added charge, often adding several hundred dollars to their bill would be added just because they visited the emergency room of the hospital.

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